Human Resources


The department is directly responsible to the Registrar and is headed by a Director whose office performs the following functions:

  • Coordinates all personnel and administrative duties of the Council.
  • Host Appointment, Promotion and Disciplinary Committee meetings of the Council.
  • Coordinates matters relating to appointments, upgrading, conversion, promotions, deployment or transfer and discipline of staff.
  • Determines and manages the human resource needs of various departments and develops strategies for recruitment and placement of required manpower.
  • Plans and Co-ordinates staff Training programmes
  • Develops effective induction programmes for newly recruited staff.
  • Prepares and maintains the register of all staff, confidential and secret files.
  • Assists in Planning, Organizing and Co-ordination of Council’s annual activities/programmes.
  • Prepares annual manpower budget of the Council.
  • Caters for staff welfare;
  • Interprets and communicates Federal Government as well as Management policy directives to employees of the Council.
  • Handles Council’s Protocols and Public Relations matters


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