This division is under Education Department headed, by a Deputy Director who co-ordinates all activities relating to the conduct of the Final Qualifying Examinations of the Council.


For ease of function the unit is divided into three (3) sections viz:

  1. Nursing
  2. Midwifery
  3. Post Basic
  4. The functions include:

  5. Host Examination Committee meeting of the Council
  6. Organizes Biennial examiners’ workshop, to update the knowledge and skills of current and prospective examiners in the assessment of students in the classroom/clinical setting during the period of training
  7. Liaises with Education Department to ensure that only qualified candidates are presented for any of the Council's Examinations.
  8. Liaises with Indexing Division to ensure that only qualified candidates are presented for any of the Council's Examinations.
  9. Recommends suitable Council Examiners to the Secretary General/Registrar.
  10. Ensures that there is adequate supply of questions in the Council's question bank for all examinations and other related documents.
  11. Monitors all activities related to the preparation and distribution of examination materials to all examination centres.
  12. Co-ordinates the central marking of examination answer sheets.
  13. Liaises with all heads of Schools for, the maintenance and compilation of the continuous assessment records of all Candidates for the examination.
  14. Monitors new trends in tests and measurements and makes recommendation for the adoption of such measures as tools for assessment of Candidates.
  15. The division conducts four examinations in a year as follows;

    1. March – Professional Qualifying Examination for Midwives (2nd Tuesday)

    2. May - Professional Qualifying Examination for General Nurses (1st Tuesday)

    3. September - Professional Qualifying Examination for Midwives (2nd Tuesday)

    4. November - Professional Qualifying Examination for General and Post Basic Nurses (1st Tuesday)


Conduct of Examination - Processes

  1. Completed hard copy Applications are received from various schools of training within 4 - 6 weeks of release of results.
  2. Grace period of 1 week for late application with penalty.
  3. Documentation of application form in the unit’s register.
  4. Checking of indexing: Names, Sex, and Numbers.
  5. Checking of attempts: No. of sitting.
  6. Opening of the examination E-portal for application to commence.
  7. Note: Candidates who have had two sittings is expected to mandatorily undergo one year tutorial before presentation for the last attempt. Failure at the last attempt leads to ELIMINATION (Dismissal).

  8. Nomination of Script Markers and Oral/Practical examiners.
  9. Comprehensive budget proposal for the entire examination.
  10. Packing of examination materials for the various schools/centres.
  11. Despatch to Zonal offices a week before the examination.
  12. Collection of examination materials by Director of Nursing Services from Zonal offices (Friday proceeding exam).
  13. Receive packaged and intact answer scripts from schools within few days of conclusion of examination.
  14. Central Script Marking under strict supervision.
  15. Entry of scores.
  16. Collation of results.
  17. Processing of results.
  18. Presentation of result to Board for approval for release.
  19. Release to Proprietors, Schools and DNS.

Application Forms

A single form that should be used by all candidates registering for any of the following;

  1. General Nurses
  2. Midwives
  3. Post Basic Nurses

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