This department is headed by a Director who:

  1. Advises Council on matters relating to Management Information System which includes registration, certification and licensure of all categories of Nurses.
  2. Assists in developing short and long-term development plans for the Council.
  3. Co-ordinates all activities involving continuous generation of information that is related to Nursing both within and outside the Council and ensures that data thus generated are processed, stored and made available when required.
  4. Ensures that the various equipment for collecting, collating, processing and storage of data are functioning optimally and in good working condition.
  5. Ensures the adequacy of stock of materials for registration, licensure and certification of Nurses as well as those required for the storage of various information and data.
  6. Evolves control measures for ensuring security of Council's Registers, Certificates, Licenses, etc.
  7. Monitors the licensure of various cadres of Nurses and makes recommendation for modification of the licensing system where necessary.
  8. Ensures that names of certificated Nurses are gazetted.
  9. Identifies areas for research, carries out research studies of such identified areas / topics.
  10. Liaises with State Directors of Nursing Services, Heads of educational institutions and all departments of the Council in all matters related to Nursing and Midwifery research.
  11. Develops proposals for research work and maintains a functional library.
  12. Maintains links with various research and other related institutions for exchange of information and pursuance of research work.
  13. Co-ordinates research findings and reports from various departments including the annual report and any other publication as may be required by the Council.

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