The Inspectorate Department oversees all matters relating to the standards and accreditation activities of the Council. This department is headed by a Director.


  • Host standard and Accreditation Committee meeting and records proceedings of the Council
  • Co-ordinates accreditation visits to proposed basic and post basic Nursing institutions with a view to assessing and determining facilities available for the training of Nurses and Midwives.
  • Co-ordinates routine visits to existing Schools of Nursing and Midwifery to assess and determine available educational facilities for the training of various categories of Nurses and Midwives, and ensures that such facilities conform with the standards set by the Council.
  • Maintains and updates data on accreditation status of nursing and midwifery Institutions in Nigeria.
  • Compiles accreditation reports and forwards them to the respective institutions after an accreditation visit.
  • Designs and reviews, from time to time, the minimum standards of Nursing education and Nursing practice in Nigeria and ensures that the standards conform with what obtains in other Countries of the world.
  • Liaises with the State Nursing and Midwifery Committees to ensure that Council's decisions on accreditation matters are complied with.
  • Organizes workshops and meetings for the maintenance and sustenance of nursing standards in Nigeria.
  • Evolves control measures to check the infiltration of quacks into the Nursing profession.
  • Liaises with the State Ministries of Health and State Commissioners of Police for the prosecution of identified quacks.
  • Co-ordinates the activities of the Zonal Offices.
  • Examines the registration and licensing particulars of all categories of Nurses, to ensure that such Nurses are duly registered and licensed with Council.


  • The proposed school will declare interest by forwarding a written application to the Council.
  • The Council on receipt of this written declaration of interest sends the minimum requirements for that specific programme to the proposed School and directs the School to notify the Council when 75% of the minimum requirements are met.
  • The Council, on receiving the notification ask the State Nursing and Midwifery Committee to go for pre-accreditation visit and report their observations/comments and recommendations to the Council.
  • The Council on receiving the report, if satisfactory goes for an advisory visit to the proposed School. If the deficiencies observed by the State Nursing and Midwifery Committee are many, the Council will then ask the proprietor of the proposed School to rectify the deficiencies and notify the Council accordingly who will then arrange for an advisory visit.
  • The proprietor of the proposed School on Council’s notification will then be asked to pay the accreditation fee of the sum of Nine hundred thousand Naira (N900,000.00) only into the Council’s account through remita.
  • The full accreditation visit is carried out by the Council at the request of the School indicating that the recommendations by the advisory team have been fully implemented.
  • The School, if found qualified will be awarded an interim/provisional accreditation status for a period of two (2) years only.
  • Subsequent accreditation visits are carried out every two (2) years for institutions on interim accreditation status and every five (5) years for institutions on final accreditation status.
  • Accreditation status of existing accredited Schools may be interim/provisional, final, or withdrawn. Yearly publication of accreditation status of nursing training institutions is done in the national dailies.

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